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Sharing, Learning and Exploring First Nations Cultures through Positive Dance Experience

At REDed, we are passionate about providing the best quality dance education that supports and sustains a healthy school environment and aligns with the curriculum. In 2024, REDed is thrilled to integrate First Nations creative movement practices and processes into our existing Curricular Programs, with ongoing collaboration with Bangarra Dance Theatre – an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisation and one of Australia’s leading performing arts companies.

We have seen the important role dance education plays in the interpersonal growth of young people, and our focus is to engage students in a collaborative and progressive movement environment while developing their coordination, confidence and fundamental gross motor skills in a safe and inclusive learning space. With a First Nations lens, students and teachers have the opportunity to access individual and personal connections to the self, community and country.

Supporting teachers to achieve curriculum requirements

Along with helping students engage with dance, REDed aims to make compulsory dance requirements a smooth and enjoyable experience for teachers. That way, we can eliminate unnecessary time for teachers in research and documentation and instead, offer more time connecting to the students’ journey!

Our primary and secondary school dance programs focus on the dance curriculum for ACARA (Australian Curricular, Assessment and Reporting Authority) and NESA (National Education Standards Authority – NSW) delivering educational dance programs with both a functional movement focus (PDHPE) and/or creative outcome (The Arts).

Program Structure

All REDed Face to Face Dance Programs address the curriculum by looking at both functional movement and creative composition. The Elements of Dance (Space, Time, Dynamics and Relationships) are fundamental to absolutely everything that we deliver, and we weave that language into all of our classes and lessons, creating space for the students to apply and use similar instinctive dialogue as they journey through the stages of dance curriculum.

REDed’s First Nations approach is organically woven throughout each lesson and includes a movement based, land connected Acknowledgement to Country; movement exercises that explore Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders’ ways of living, being and sharing; and dedicated individual/group storytelling creations in relation to specifically created Australiana themed routines (such as Plants, Mountains, Animals, Community, Weather). Teacher resources are provided to extend the students dance lesson experience beyond the lesson and enabling cross curricular opportunity.

Enjoy a taster of our program with REDed’s Online Teacher Resources.


  • Warm up and wellbeing activities
  • Creative activities and interactive games designed to promote coordination, rhythm, creativity, teamwork and exposure to diversity of style and culture.
  • Dynamic and age/stage appropriate dance routines and movement sequences covering a range of styles including hip-hop, jazz, musical theatre, world dance and creative dance.
  • Mindfulness and reflection sections to connect the student to their creative and expressive instincts.
  • Major dance to fulfil assessment criteria. Performance outcomes can be arranged to support the school environment such as Open Day, Grandparents Day, Musicals, Year 6 Graduation etc.

The Learning Model

Inclusive… We know that you have the full spectrum of ability in your classes from the high achieving studio dancer to the student who is too shy to move. Our programs are designed for the kid in the middle of the back row – if we can engage them then we have succeeded – and we do, every time.

Engaging… We achieve our full level engagement through cleverly crafted choreography using chanting (for memory), functional skills (for development and skill acquisition), musical interpretation (for artistic expression) and a good dose of humour – that’s the one that brings us all together.

Creative… All REDed classes include student-led creativity and composition through guided and improvised tasks. We empower students to express how they’re feeling through self-choreographed movement, share their ideas and collaborate with each other.

First National lens… Allows a deeper dive into student composed storytelling of relatable aspects in Australia, to broaden the students’ awareness of their connection to country and people.

Stress-free… You don’t dance! Your students do. We provide you with full resource support to make your time on dance easy and fun with the freedom to customise your program to suit the needs of your school.


4-6 week module including:
1 x 40-60 minute lesson
per class per week
(guideline only)


REDed charges a class rate that is distributed across the number of students from $4.50 per child
(subject to change, excl. GST).
Minimum 20, maximum 30 students per class.


REDed Lesson Plan Documentation
REDed Assessment Rubrics
REDed Resources
REDed Compliance Documentation

  • Julie DeganYear 5 Teacher
    "The REDed program is such an engaging program. I watch the kids, they are all smiling and happy - all participating at the same time. I don’t see any child want to sit down, they are thoroughly engaged."
  • Richard LaceyHead of Sports at St Pius X College
    “The quality of the dance, choreography and instruction has been excellent. The whole P.E. Department has been blown away by the quality of the work the boys have been able to produce as a result of the REDed sessions.”
  • Nikki ChapmanParent at Kincoppal-Rose Bay
    “Your organisation, communication and execution of your classes with the highest quality of teachers and standards is outstanding. Thank you for not only making dance fun for the students, but for making it easy on the parents.”
  • Grace LazzeriParent at Lindfield Public School
    "Thank you for exposing the dancers to these different performances and opportunities. They are not only learning about dancing here, they are gaining self confidence, they are learning how to work as part of a team and they are learning to respect and love their bodies more."
  • Jane LavisParent at Queenwood School for Girls (Senior)
    “The level of teaching, especially with your focus on technique, shines through when you see the girls perform. They are very lucky to have someone who not only has a gift for incredible choreography, but also explains to the girls the inspiration and the history/story behind each dance.”
  • Stephanie McConnellPrincipal at Lindfield Learning Village
    "It is so great to work with a company who cares so much for young people and is so aligned with our school's vision."
  • Dan SlaterClass Teacher at Wheelers Hill Primary School
    “I’m fine with ‘movement’ activity but fully choreographed dances require REDed."
  • Amanda TasovskiAssistant Principal at Gordon West Public School
    “The kids loved the dance and I loved doing it with them. I love teaching dance but it was a nice break to not have to think about choreography. I will definitely be purchasing more.”