Why REDed?

At REDed, we passionately believe that dance has the power to transform young people into the best version of themselves!

“We turn lights on in little people to become AWESOME big people”

With 24 years of experience engaging students in our programs, we understand the positive impact that dance has on the interpersonal growth of students, regardless of their ability or skill level. There is plenty of evidence that  dance has a multitude of wellbeing benefits, including balance, coordination, flexibility, self-esteem and confidence, and we have designed our fun and inclusive programs with a focus on both functional movement and creative expression.

We empower students…

  • To be creative risk takers.
  • To physically challenge themselves.
  • To step outside of their comfort zone.
  • To express how they’re feeling through movement.
  • To dream.

We share our knowledge with teachers

We know that not every teacher feels confident in delivering dance, and we know that developing a quality dance program takes time and expertise. This  is why teachers and principals love working with REDed! We make it easy for schools by aligning all of our programs with the compulsory ACARA (Australian Curricular, Assessment and Reporting Authority) and NESA (National Education Standards Authority – NSW), meaning less time spent on research, lesson plans and documentation, and more time spent on the student’s dance journey!

We know how to engage young people

Not every child loves dance as much as we do. But we make it our goal to engage everyone, even the kid who might be hiding in the middle of the back row! And we achieve that goal every time. How?

  • We use four dimensional teaching. We are never in one spot in the class so that we give students the opportunity to feel seen, with no hierarchy to the class.
  • We keep the pace alive with humour and energy. Because dance is meant to be fun!
  • We know what music gets kids moving. Whether this is relatable, character-driven songs for the younger students or trending tunes with awesome beats for the senior students, our playlists might even tempt the Principal to join in on our class!